Being closer to your customers is a must if you want your business to take over the competition.

Livraro is a platform that generates a website from where your customers can order all of your products.
Don’t worry! The hosting, security, and updates are not your problem anymore. Once the website is generated, all you have to do is taking care of the placed orders and getting them ready to be delivered. Livraro does not take care of the delivery process, but it will give you a mobile app specially designed for your delivery team, to help them see and track their assigned orders in real-time. Also, your customers can choose whether to pick up their orders by themself or to have them delivered at home.
You can delimit the delivery areas very precisely, at street level, and for each delivery area, you can set different transport rates and other settings.

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Do your customers want to buy your products fast and easily?
Livraro is the perfect solution for you!

If you own a cake store, a winery, or a flower shop, Livraro gives you the possibility to sell online all of your customized products.
Also, you can always create special promotions to give your customers a reason to order online from you.
Our complete Online Ordering System is efficient for you, for the staff, and your customers!!
This system is a win, win!

We are working with restaurants and grocery stores all around the world

delivery driver app
delivery driver app
delivery driver app
delivery driver app
delivery driver app